Plugins for DreamCMS

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DreamCMS is still brand new. There are no plugins available at this moment in time. With that said, we are open to plugin submissions as we work to create our library database for future release.


Submit a Plugin

DreamCMS is looking for awesome new plugins to include in our upcoming library. If you think you've got a plugin that deserves its chance in the spotlight, please send an e-mail to [email protected]. Please don't forget to include "PLUGIN SUBMISSION" in the subject line, so it can get to the right department faster.

Develop a Plugin

If you would like to create an all-new plugin from scratch, we're always open to new ideas. Send an outline of the plugin you'd like to build to start the review process. If approved, we will provide you with a Developer Kit in order to proceed. Please send your outline to [email protected] with subject line "PLUGIN DEV".

Keep posted on new plugin updates by checking this page periodically. If you have any interest in using DreamCMS plugins in the future, please consider bookmarking this page for reference.