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About DreamCMS and the Team Behind the Dream


DreamCMS was officially launched on the public domain on Thursday September 12, 2019. How is it that a brand new content management system just announced to the public is already faster, more stable, more secure than other solutions which have been available for years?


Well, first of all, even though we just launched this website, DreamCMS has in fact been in a research and development phase for many years. In fact, before we officially launched, it has already been installed on over 5,000 websites.


This gave us the feedback and data we needed to make tweaks and changes to improve the overall system. We worked closely with many of these sites to work out the initial kinks to help it become the flawless platform it is today.


So who is behind all of this? Surely, you guys didn't just pop up overnight?


The Dream Team at DreamCMS is comprised of five original founders. Three brothers, Paul, Raul, and Samuel, as well as three friends, James and Oliver. Raul and Paul were the kind of brothers who could never agree on anything. In fact, the only thing they could ever agree on to this day, is that DreamCMS is the ultimate web platform every created in the history of mankind. If Paul and Raul both actually agree on something, it has to be good!


Paul met James at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the second semester of the year 2012. It was that year they learned they had much more in common than their favorite brand of beer. They shared a vision of a better, easier, and more secure internet. Over time, their friendship grew strong. One day, they decided to take things to the next level and form a partnership on a new idea. That idea became the foundation that the DreamCMS foundation was built on.


Raul and Oliver were long time friends, dating as far bath as the 11th grade in high school. Always known as the computer wizards of their class, they eventually became world class programmers.


As Paul and James project grew, they needed some help. Raul got in touch with Paul and told him all about the platform they were developing. Paul agreed without hesitation and boarded the next flight to DreamCMS headquarters.


After growing even more, the team realized they needed a greater set of helping hands. They realized that only the best pair of hands with the greatest minds would be able to handle the task. This is when Paul and Raul decided to call their brother, Samuel, who was a world-renowned programmer, and already employed as one of the top ones at Google, Inc. (now Alphabet).


Many people, especially his own family, thought he was crazy for leaving a high paying job at Google to join his brother's start-up company. He believed in the idea so much, he gave up the stability and security of a great job, to help his brothers out with a project that is yet to make a dime.


Eventually, Raul brought Oliver on board and the rest is history.


DreamCMS is ready for take off and is set to make the internet world a better place!