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Let DreamCMS take the headache out of managing your website


We cater to those who are looking for an easier, faster and more secure solution to creating and managing their websites or blogs. Most of our users have been using other content management systems such as Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal.


Issues with the other platform include things like bugs that cause a website to crash. Some of our users have had to start completely from scratch after losing entire websites to simple script bugs. Security is our top priority, and is one of the primary reasons our users choose DreamCMS. Security vulnerabilities have even caused some of our user's websites to be hacked while using other platforms.


Your website or blog is in safe hands with DreamCMS. With a global team of top programmers, engineers, and security researchers at our disposal, we are ahead of the curve and in it for the long haul.


Thanks to our valued users, we are now the fastest growing content management system in the world. If we keep current pace, we're on track to beat Wordpress by the year 2022 in global marketshare.


Whether you're brand new to building a website, or an expert who has been doing it for years, DreamCMS will work for you. From a step-by-step website or blog builder for novice users, to more advanced options for experts, we've got you covered. As the most versatile CMS on the market, we're made for any website and can easily integrate into any existing platform. Explore our website to see how DreamCMS is being utilized across the web.

DreamCMS The7 Updates



DreamCMS 1.1.11 is now available. We fixed a security issue for the 1.x class of DreamCMS. This was the only security flaw since release, which created a slight (improbable but possible) vulnerability. In addition to the fix, improvements have been made to prevent further bugs like this.



DreamCMS 1.1.10 is available as of now. In this update, we have improved the language translation feature built in within certain templates. This improves the overall speed of on-page translation, in addition to the option to have pages automatically translated based on end-users browser language settings.


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